Hello all,

I just wanted to give a briefing of what my intentions are with creating this page.

The world is hauntingly beautiful, and I want to encourage others to stop and take it in. Breathe it in and wrap yourself around your present self. Take no moment for granted, for memories are all we will carry with us. Take the time to capture the world around you in your own words. People can be amazing. It’s hard to believe it’s so, in this scary time that we live in, but never lose touch with what is in front of you. Appreciate. Appreciate. Appreciate. For nothing lasts forever. Leave your mark.

This is my attempt to leave something behind. This is my attempt to describe my world in my own words, in my own perspective.

Please use my writings as prompts if you so feel inclined. If you relate, write about it and show me, because I would love to know. It doesn’t take any level of elegance and fluidity to express your own feelings. I do not judge on writing styles or writing levels, for I do not see myself as one of the best of writers. I’m an amateur myself. I am only growing, and I hope doing this blog helps me to grow even more.

I want to share my words to inspire others, to unite others, and to relate to others.

We need more unity and hope in this world. So please don’t give up. Stop and look at the beauty that surrounds you everyday, no matter how big or small it may be. Write about the ant crawling in your living room, where is he going, where has he been. Write about old miserable man alone at the bar, wonder about what brought him there and what he has seen. Write about the love of your life, and the way their eyes meet so softly to your’s. Write it all. Feel it all. Breathe it all.

With love & hope,



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